I was really looking forward to eating here. However, there were certain issues. Let’s jump right in.


Accessibility: Not really accessible for wheelchair users. However as a locality it is very central (St. Julians) and it even offers free parking in the parking lot right next door. So a pretty great offer.

Decor: Superb. Very stylish and it verged on a slightly romantic feel, even though it would work as a place to eat with friends as well.

Food: Impeccable. Very tasty and interesting with a wide selection of food available. The meat was tender and well-cooked, and the sauce was amazing.

Price: Affordable, probably the cheapest place to eat Indian food on the Island. Wines were incredibly cheap as well, I had to check the price a few times to be sure.

Staff: Here comes the problem. The waiter serving us did not even try to hide his desire to be anywhere but there. At first my partner thought he could be hyperactive, or waiting for a big table to arrive since he was constantly checking his watch while we were giving him our order. However, after seeing him cracking jokes with the other tables, and being overall very friendly with the other couples (who were straight I might add), it was obvious that his problem was with us.

To give you a few examples:

  • When the wine was brought, the waiter shoved the bottle right into my face – I’m not sure if he thought I was blind, or if I somehow made it seem like I wanted to read the label without a magnifying glass.
  • He was constantly checking his watch while taking the order.
  • He got mixed up and thought that our starter would be a main course, when I clarified that it was actually a starter he said that I told him it was a main course, in a very rude tone.
  • When coming over to our table he would not make eye contact, or even look at us.


Overall, the food was great, the place is beautiful. However do not choose this place to go on a date. The staff is not accepting of same-sex couples, so to avoid a night of awkwardness and feeling as though you do not belong I would avoid this place.


For the sake of it, I will try this restaurant again, since I don’t like judging after just one visit. However, I have my doubts that this was a one-time thing.


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