We had the pleasure of visiting this restaurant for Valentine’s of 2015. We had been searching extensively for a place which looked romantic, with good food, which would hopefully be accepting of a same-sex couple. It was Valentine’s after all, so it would be quite evident that we were a couple, and we did not wanting anything to ruin this special day.


Accessibility: The restaurant is located in Valletta, so parking is ample just outside the city.


Decor: A quaint little place, with just a handful of tables. Which is all the better because the staff could focus on the clientele without getting burnt out. The place is advertised as a wine bar as well, and so as expected the venue is decorated with a lot of wood and wine bottles. The wood and the soft lighting really added a romantic touch to the venue.




Food and Drink: The food was chosen from the menu. I’m really not a fan of set menus, so one of the criteria for this date was that the place would not have an obligatory set menu. So kudos for giving me the freedom to choose my own food!

And the food was…delicious. Superb. Incredible. Admittedly, there was not much on the plate, but definitely worth the price we paid. Each bite was an experience. I literally cannot describe it in any other way. So many months later, and I can still remember how amazing it was.

As a wine bar, the wine list was extensive, detailed and informative. And delicious as well. It perfectly complimented the meal. I have yet to taste a wine like it.


Staff: The waiter on the night was incredibly polite and friendly. He did not treat as any differently for being a same-sex couple. And he obviously won brownie points for complimenting me on my tie and general attire. He made us feel very comfortable, which I am grateful for. We enjoyed our time there so much we ended up losing track of time and missing the party we were supposed to go to after dinner.


In conclusion – the venue is incredibly romantic, the food is delicious and the wine is to die for. It’s on the pricey side, so I would keep this place for special occasions, or for a romantic splurge. The staff is friendly and educated.



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