That Tender Touch (1969)

This movie was listed as ‘lesbian interest’ …considering that the entire storyline deals with ex-lovers Marsha and Terry I would say there’s a bit more than just ‘interest’. Terry met and married Ken, but Marsha cannot get over her and after her shop goes belly up cause she was too busy fantasising about her ex Marsha seeks Terry’s help and she starts living with Terry and her new husband, who isn’t very happy with this arrangement. Probably because he realises that his wife and Marsha are having loads of eye sex.

So much eye sex

On another note, this movie came out in 1969…apt don’t you think?

Terry dreaming about Marsha…

This movie is full of angst and desire. It’s almost palpable, which is quite strange considering the time this movie was filmed. Which makes me think that the intention was for it to be erotic. What strengthened this opinion was when a minor character was reading an erotic novel called (you guessed it) ‘That Tender Touch’, which is about two women, and she starts to get visibly turned on. So yeah, this movie may have been intended as soft porn for men. Which is probably why you wouldn’t find it on lists next to ‘The hours’ or ‘Desert Hearts’. And let’s face it, it’s really not good enough to be next to the classics..

The ending of the movie was…predictable. Please remember guys that Desert Hearts (ie. The 1980s) was the first lesbian movie which did not feature a suicide of one of the lovers. So naturally, this is a suicide trigger warning.

So final verdict? Waste of a two hours. Let’s face it, Terry totally has the hots for Marsha, despite being married to Ken. But society is cruel and bigoted so she must fight her feelings. I’m not really a fan of these types of endings, and honestly, it felt a bit too brash.


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