Anatomy of a Love Seen (2014)

So, this movie only got a 5.3/10 on IMDB, and those audiences are generally easy to please! Well, after watching this movie I cannot disagree with them. The entire story is easily forgettable, and there isn’t much to it except that two actresses: Zoe and Mal, fall in love while shooting a (you guessed it) love scene! Cue quite a long montage of their blissful time together. However, Mal walks out on Zoe (which is strangely enough only revealed at the end of the entire movie), leaving her heart in shatters.


  • The setting was quite bright, so I didn’t have to increase the brightness on my own laptop. But it gave it a fake hue.
  • The actresses are not hard on the eyes and they definitely know how to act
  • Story was simple, possibly verging on the too simple
  • Nice camera work
  • An easy watch
  • Can’t complain about the sex erm, the love scenes are done well.
  • Homosexuality is not a big deal. It’s just two women in love


  • The brightness could come off as fake
  • Half the movie was long montages which I ended up phasing out of
  • The other half was of the director taking one of the actresses to the side for a pep talk, or to say that she loves her.
  • Dialogue is meh
  • Not much of a conclusion.

Overall, this is an easy watch for when you really want to see something lesbian without the drama of ‘oh my goddess, am I gay?’ or overly religious parents condemning their child to hell. But don’t expect any life changing moments.


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