Finn’s Girl (2007)

URGH. Can I just say that I ADORE THIS MOVIE?

So the story is about Finn (duh) who is a fertility specialist at the local abortion clinic, which used to be run by her wife Nancy, who unfortunately died a year prior due to breast cancer. Finn decided to take on the clinic herself, despite the ever increasingly violent death threats by crazy religious fanatics pro-life supporters. So while Finn is trying to stay alive while still doing her work, her eleven-year-old daughter Zelly is getting into quite a bit of trouble.

The story itself has many layers, which I love. There’s the story of Finn trying to move on from her lover’s death through a casual rebound, which naturally Zelly is not happy with. There’s the story of Zelly, who lost her mother and feels neglected by her workaholic stepmother. Then there’s also the story of the death threats and how Finn’s life is in danger, which helps her realise what is really important in her life.

This movie is simply fantastic. The music is great, the storylines are well paced and it’s an enjoyable watch for both people who just want to relax, as well as those who want a story with substance. My one criticism is that there is a lot of emphasis on genetics. I won’t spoil anything, but Zelly treats Finn differently and says she’s not her ‘mother’, even though Finn raised her along with Nancy. Anyway, when you watch the movie hopefully  you’ll understand what I mean


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