Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016

One of the stereotypes I enjoy about homosexuals is their love of contests like the Eurovision. I must say, this stereotype is mostly correct…at least it is on our little island. Some people call Christmas time the gayest time of the year…well they’re wrong… the Eurovision in May and, before that, the Malta Song in January are the gayest time of the year. And I’m probably the gayest of them all.

I’ve been a Eurovision addict since 2004, when the “wild” Ruslana won the Eurovision for Ukraine. Imagine my annoyance a couple years

Xena Warrior Princess anyone?

later when I realised that in 2003, T.A.T.U had performed in the Eurovision…and I had missed it!


So anyway, as a way to break from the Carnival spirit which is sure to come, I will be reviewing the Maltese contestants for the Eurovision – so if you like trashy commentary, occasional fangirling, and having a gay ol’ time, then stay tuned!


Nope still not over them.




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