The Maltese pride themselves on being Christian Catholics, and at the same time, very nice and welcoming people. It’s almost as though we have a booklet entitled ‘Being Maltese’ with all the cultural laws we need to follow on a day-by-day basis. Unfortunately, it also seems as though the fine print in this booklet says “except with Muslims”.

Every time people of the Islamic faith group up and pray somewhere in public, it will surely end up on the media – followed by comments of “I’m not racist but…” where the person would then list all the non-sensical reasons why Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to pray in public. Recently, the Muslim community has been praying in front of the church in Imsida. And instead of being glad that at least some prayer is going on there, people started complaining that it was disrespectful. Because a Muslim praying anywhere but in a Mosque is blasphemous to the all-mighty, true, Christian god. But you know – at least from this uprising the Muslim community may finally get a place it can pray in that can withstand the growing needs of that community.




Look at how threatening they are! Image courtesy of


But to make things worse, the self-named Maltese Patriots (Ghaqda Patrijotti Maltin), started handing out ham sandwiches during a protest they held at the very site which was being used by Muslims to pray (pictured above). According to one member of the group, some Muslim parents were complaining in a particular school about Christian children being given ham sandwiches for lunch. This turned out to be a complete lie, with the Principle of that school and various Muslim parents setting the record straight.

So not only did the group lie about an entire community, as a why of riling up the Maltese (because let’s face it, the only way to really wake up this nation is to somehow awaken their “but not my children” side), but they also completely disrespected the beliefs held by this community. It’s like it’s Ash Wednesday or Good Friday and someone is throwing meat and chocolate in your face.

Though, most of the time, that wouldn’t affect you. But it would affect someone who actually takes their religion seriously.


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