LGBTI+ Gozo: New Year More Work

Following the publication of the white paper entitled ‘The Affirmation of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression Act’ (SOGIGE), various entities expressed their support for this proposed bill, which would effectively ban gay conversation therapies, a highly controversial procedure which aims to ‘convert’ people who identify as homosexual into heterosexuals. One such entity to express its support is LGBTI+ Gozo, a youth-led organization.

LGBTI+ Gozo stated that the proposed bill was a large step forward in the right direction, and complemented the various national and international events which will be held in Malta in 2016. One such international event is the annual IGLYO Conference which will be held in Malta for the first time. IGLYO is an International youth and student organization focusing on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer and intersex youth.

LGBTI+ Gozo also expressed the need for a health clinic to be instated in Gozo. Currently, there is no GU Clinic, which would offer free testing for sexually transmitted diseases, in Gozo. Such a clinic, as well as various awareness campaigns, could help the population on Malta’s sister island to live a healthy sexual life.

When it comes to sexuality, the organization will be planning various seminars regarding the different aspects of sexuality. These seminars are fittingly entitled ‘Better Together’, so do keep an eye out should you be interested in learning more about these topics.

Finally, a few months short from its two year anniversary since being instated, LGBTI+ Gozo launched its website, which can be accessed at, which will serve as a link between the organization and the general public. On the website one will find an events planner to keep up with all that the organization is planning, a blog run by the organization itself where it deals with various LGBTI+ issues, and a contact form should anyone wish to get in touch.


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