Babe, You’re a Feminist

You really cannot declare that you’re a feminist without riling people up. People who feel that they have a say in how you choose to identify – and they think that they can educate you on that term because obviously you haven’t done the research.

So let us get the facts straight:

  1. Feminism and Gender Equality ARE the same thing – feminists strive for the equality of the sexes in all spheres of life, just as advocates for gender equality do.
  2. No, feminists are not man-haters. If we’re advocating for equality, our aim is to improve the lives of people, not make them worse. It’s funny how people assume that for the opportunities of one person to improve, another person has to suffer.
  3. You can be a stay-at-home mum and be a feminist – cause you CHOSE to raise a family – just as some women choose to have careers. No one is superior over the other.
  4. Feminism is to everyone’s advantage (loosely quoting Alan Rickman)

Stop letting the word frighten you – and read up about it first. And then realise that if you don’t like inequality between genders, then face the fact that you’re a feminist.


Sorry babe, but you’re a feminist …




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