The majority of my classmates started working in their respective agencies a while ago – but right as soon as we got the call to start work, I was on a plane, jet setting to a foreign land for 2 weeks.


Ok it wasn’t as exotic as that. But 2 weeks in Ireland, travelling by bus across cities is quite an adventure, I’ll let you know!


And that holiday was utterly amazing. I saw so many beautiful places, and made friends with so many animals (have any of you held a red fox, have you?!). But following this holiday I was more than ready to start at my new full-time job, doing the work I was trained to do for four years.


So how are things going so far? Pretty awesome. I have a bunch of interesting cases, all with their own very diverse and specific needs. And I couldn’t be happier. Of course, the waking up at ungodly hours is not a favourite of mine, but hey, at least I’m getting paid.


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