Is Sexting Part of Childhood Too?

Just with any modern move, such as the internet, comes the creativity associated with how to make this modern development aid sex. In other words – how can we use the internet to have sex?

The answer : sexting. be it through photos (snapchat), text (sms/whatsapp/messenger), and various other ways I wont go into here.


Would you be comfortable with a topless, naked or otherwise compromising photo of yourself doing the rounds of your social circle, or even beyond, out there in lawless cyberspace, potentially for ever? I imagine not, so why, when schoolchildren go through it, do some people file it under the “kids will be kids” heading?

via Carry on sexting? That’s no way to help your kids… | Barbara Ellen | Opinion | The Guardian

click on the link above^ if you’re interested in this topic and want to learn more!



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