A few months ago, I had the great honour of meeting Her Excellency, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca for a chat about Insite Malta’s work. I have been part of Insite for over three years – as CEO, Social Policy Associate, Writer, Editor, you name it. I guess I could never say goodbye to the first organisation I ever joined, which taught me so much and gave me so many skills to succeed both at University and in my career.


The visit was a courtesy one, to thank us for the work done covering a conference on Children’s Wellbeing last month. Naturally, I felt appreciated by the Executive Editor who invited me to join for this courtesy visit.


The visit was very successful, and I am pleased that she took such a genuine interest in the organisation, instantly offering us opportunities to collaborate, while also noting that one of us present was still a student, and so she should be careful not to neglect her studies.


I am pleased that we have a President who is so genuine, and caring, for the people around her. Her working hours are incredible (read: insane), and I can imagine her schedule is choc-a-block, but it’s amazing how courteous and patient she can be. She didn’t rush the visit, rather, it seemed she never wanted it to end. So kudos that there’s someone who views the youth as capable, hard working people!


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