Thursday Wisdom #2


You can travel the world a thousand times over, and eventually you will be seeing the same things… but if you change the WAY in which you look at the world, you will learn more about your self, and the world around you.

Today I urge you to change your perspective about what is going on around you. Are you annoyed by something someone does? Think about their intention, is it there to hurt you? No – then it shouldn’t annoy you, because they’re not out to annoy or hurt you.



Radical Feminism and Catholicism

Radical Feminism and Catholicism


Hey guys! I came across this article, what are your views on feminism which is radical, and how Catholicism can affect women?


Laura Goode investigates her Catholic identity—the radical, feminist, social-justice-oriented version she discovered upon encountering the mysteries of marriage and motherhood—years after her departure from the guilt-stricken, conservative Catholicism of her upbringing.

via Against Confession: On Intersectional Feminism, Radical Catholicism, and Redefining Remorse — Longreads

Jump With Your Eyes Closed

Jump With Your Eyes Closed

It doesn’t come to much of a surprise for those who know me that I can get quite anxious about finances. I like to have a safety net of money, which I like to call “just in case”. I feel like if I have the safety net money around me, then I can do whatever I need to do.


However, I also need money to spend: on travel, on eventually renting my own place, on a wedding, on moving abroad, on studying and doing a masters abroad, on food and electricity… the list is never ending.

It’s basically impossible for me to scrounge up all that money alone. And today I was speaking with a friend of mine, who made me realise something – that I can lean on my partner. My partner is definitely going to earn more money than I could ever hope for (at least until I do my masters), and they have offered time and again to help pay for my expenses. Which is something  always vehemently opposed. Getting money was my responsibility, they should just focus on their own expenses.

So my friend made me aware of something – that I need to trust my partner to provide for me as well. I am dependent enough of them to rely on them for comfort, for love and support, and I’m taking a big risk to move abroad with them.


“So if you’re taking the risk and jumping into the ocean for them, why not let yourself be blindfolded?” 


To be blindfolded means that I would really and truly be trusting my partner, that they would provide for me no matter what, that they wouldn’t use me and kick me to the curb. These are all things I know to be true, but I never had the strength to show it in practical terms.

Cliff Jumping

So this is going to be what I shall work on – I am going to let myself be semi-financially dependent on my partner.


I am going to be let myself be blindfolded.

That Damn Writer’s Block

I used to be an avid writer. I wouldn’t say I was ever good at it, mainly because I have the self-esteem of a cotton bud – soft and bendable.

But I always loved writing. I could write for hours, putting thought on paper, inventing stories, being creative. I slowly switched to poetry, which I felt I could be more creative. But even that slowly died out.

Now whenever I think about writing, I get stuck. I can’t even write a letter!

I’m going to try use all the mediums available to me to get past this, and maybe…who knows… but inspiration could strike me again.

New Year Resolutions…

New Year Resolutions…

I’m writing about New Year Resolutions 2 days after the start of the new year because frankly, I wasn’t going to write anything. However, it’s such a popular topic during this period of time that I figured, what the hell that I should write something short…ish.


So the concept of new year resolutions is that once a new year rolls about, a person will suddenly become more motivated and inspired to do the things they always wanted to do…a lifestyle change bucket list if you will. I guess in a way it’s an easy way of keeping track how long you keep that resolution, because once January 16th comes about you know that you kept your resolution for 15 days before you broke it (January 1st doesn’t count if you’re too busy hungover and/or eating your weight in turkey or seafood).


In reality though, it’s ridiculous to wait for the 1st day of a new year to change something you always wanted to change. Want to start going to the gym? Then jusgymt sign up and GO!, don’t stay waiting for this week, when frankly the gym will be overcrowded and you wont really get to relax while doing your workout anyway.


Want to start eating healthy? Then just start it, don’t wait until the festive period, when frankly the excess in food and drink is to be expected. Start in April or May, giving you enough time to enter a routine so that once the festive season rolls about, you can easily refuse that extra slice of cake guilt-free.


I don’t understand resolutions, and the focus on the “new year new me” idea. Years roll by
as if in a continuous spiral, it’s tomorrow-is-the-first-blan-pagenot really like ending a book. When you end a book, that’s that, it’s over – and to start a new book means to start afresh. But we keep on working at our same jobs, going home to the same place, meeting the same friends, even when the new year starts. We keep our baggage, and we still have our pains. The new year will definitely not be taking those away, and expecting it to do that shows a flaw in the way we look at this festive season.


I am not against change, far from it. I’m against using the new year as an excuse to wait to do something about your life. If you don’t like something, change it now, when you’re motivated for it. Don’t try to use other people’s wavering motivation to get you to do something.