Imagine Me & You (2006)

When thinking of cute lesbian romcoms, you cannot not include Imagine Me & You – a lighthearted story which focuses on Rachel (Piper Perabo), who on her wedding day meets Luce ( Lena Headey Cersei), the florist.


Cause lesbians know what’s needed on a night out. 







Despite only speaking for a few minutes, the sexual tension between the two is palpable. Of course, since this movie is a) a romcom, and b) released ten years ago, the sexual tension comes off as sweet interest in one another. Nevertheless, this movie will not disappoint the rainbow-loving-homosexual in you.

Also, if you’re a closeted shipper/fangirl you really cannot miss out on this movie. There are so many scenes to fawn over that your fanfiction and/or fan video-making-skills will be busy for weeks to come.


Finn’s Girl (2007)

URGH. Can I just say that I ADORE THIS MOVIE?

So the story is about Finn (duh) who is a fertility specialist at the local abortion clinic, which used to be run by her wife Nancy, who unfortunately died a year prior due to breast cancer. Finn decided to take on the clinic herself, despite the ever increasingly violent death threats by crazy religious fanatics pro-life supporters. So while Finn is trying to stay alive while still doing her work, her eleven-year-old daughter Zelly is getting into quite a bit of trouble.

The story itself has many layers, which I love. There’s the story of Finn trying to move on from her lover’s death through a casual rebound, which naturally Zelly is not happy with. There’s the story of Zelly, who lost her mother and feels neglected by her workaholic stepmother. Then there’s also the story of the death threats and how Finn’s life is in danger, which helps her realise what is really important in her life.

This movie is simply fantastic. The music is great, the storylines are well paced and it’s an enjoyable watch for both people who just want to relax, as well as those who want a story with substance. My one criticism is that there is a lot of emphasis on genetics. I won’t spoil anything, but Zelly treats Finn differently and says she’s not her ‘mother’, even though Finn raised her along with Nancy. Anyway, when you watch the movie hopefully  you’ll understand what I mean

Anatomy of a Love Seen (2014)

So, this movie only got a 5.3/10 on IMDB, and those audiences are generally easy to please! Well, after watching this movie I cannot disagree with them. The entire story is easily forgettable, and there isn’t much to it except that two actresses: Zoe and Mal, fall in love while shooting a (you guessed it) love scene! Cue quite a long montage of their blissful time together. However, Mal walks out on Zoe (which is strangely enough only revealed at the end of the entire movie), leaving her heart in shatters.


  • The setting was quite bright, so I didn’t have to increase the brightness on my own laptop. But it gave it a fake hue.
  • The actresses are not hard on the eyes and they definitely know how to act
  • Story was simple, possibly verging on the too simple
  • Nice camera work
  • An easy watch
  • Can’t complain about the sex erm, the love scenes are done well.
  • Homosexuality is not a big deal. It’s just two women in love


  • The brightness could come off as fake
  • Half the movie was long montages which I ended up phasing out of
  • The other half was of the director taking one of the actresses to the side for a pep talk, or to say that she loves her.
  • Dialogue is meh
  • Not much of a conclusion.

Overall, this is an easy watch for when you really want to see something lesbian without the drama of ‘oh my goddess, am I gay?’ or overly religious parents condemning their child to hell. But don’t expect any life changing moments.

That Tender Touch (1969)

This movie was listed as ‘lesbian interest’ …considering that the entire storyline deals with ex-lovers Marsha and Terry I would say there’s a bit more than just ‘interest’. Terry met and married Ken, but Marsha cannot get over her and after her shop goes belly up cause she was too busy fantasising about her ex Marsha seeks Terry’s help and she starts living with Terry and her new husband, who isn’t very happy with this arrangement. Probably because he realises that his wife and Marsha are having loads of eye sex.

So much eye sex

On another note, this movie came out in 1969…apt don’t you think?

Terry dreaming about Marsha…

This movie is full of angst and desire. It’s almost palpable, which is quite strange considering the time this movie was filmed. Which makes me think that the intention was for it to be erotic. What strengthened this opinion was when a minor character was reading an erotic novel called (you guessed it) ‘That Tender Touch’, which is about two women, and she starts to get visibly turned on. So yeah, this movie may have been intended as soft porn for men. Which is probably why you wouldn’t find it on lists next to ‘The hours’ or ‘Desert Hearts’. And let’s face it, it’s really not good enough to be next to the classics..

The ending of the movie was…predictable. Please remember guys that Desert Hearts (ie. The 1980s) was the first lesbian movie which did not feature a suicide of one of the lovers. So naturally, this is a suicide trigger warning.

So final verdict? Waste of a two hours. Let’s face it, Terry totally has the hots for Marsha, despite being married to Ken. But society is cruel and bigoted so she must fight her feelings. I’m not really a fan of these types of endings, and honestly, it felt a bit too brash.

Carol – The Price of Salt

It’s January 2016, and ‘Carol’ has yet to hit the cinemas in little Malta. Through an email correspondence with one of the major cinemas on the island I found out that this particular cinema will not be showing the film. So out of desperation and a sheer need to see if the film will live up to the hype, I downloaded it. As one does.

I have an interesting story related to The Price of Salt. Back when I was a wee child, just starting to understand my own sexuality, all I wanted to was to read queer novels. I happened to come across The Price of Salt, however I could never find more than the first chapter. I was so in love with this chapter that I continued to search for the rest of the book, before finally giving up and forgetting all about it.

Imagine my surprise when a found out that the movie ‘Carol’ was adapted from that same book! tumblr_static_23zwi8r5jt40gw0ggkookoc80

So I waited patiently for the film to be released in Malta, and in the meantime I got my hands on the book (A review will be published later). But I will say from now, I was not disappointed.


So to the film review shall we?


I cannot express my love for this movie, it’s simply impossible. But I’ll try explain why I love it so much.


So the titular character is Carol – portrayed by the amazing Cate Blanchett – a housewife and mother, who is going through divorce proceedings. Carol goes to a toy store in the hopes of buying her daughter a doll for Christmas, and she requests Therese’s (played by Rooney Mara) help. Therese is a salesgirl at the toy store, but her dream is to be a famous photographer.

There is an instant connection between the two, and the rest is history.

OMG I love her nails…so short.

The plot is wonderful, and although it drifts slightly on certain details from the book (as all adaptations do), it is refreshingly honest to the original writing, and any changes work beautifully.

The beautiful script is coupled with the most emotional composition I have heard in a long while, wonderfully composed by Carter Burwell who makes perfect use of the silences in the movie. In order words, the melodies speak when the characters do not.


I’m not a fan of Christmas movies, and I’m classifying this as one because it’s set in the Christmas period, and it does play a minor part in the film. However, this film is the exception. It’s one of those films you enjoy watching time and time again, and it will always feel as though it’s the first time.