This is definitely the go-to place for anyone LGBT. So here goes the review!


Accessibility: Not wheelchair friendly, but it’s in Valletta so a central location. Parking can be easily found close to the venue. Plus with a great view of the sea it’s quite amazing.


Decor: The decor can only be described as chique and sexy. It feels very high-class…and in fact, high-class is what you get. Outside there are some sofas which really give the client a relaxed environment to just chill, either on a date or with friends.




Food and Drink: Food is delicious. However, you get very little and it’s on the pricey side. At the same time, this place is a lounge, so whilst wearing those tight pants and dresses eating a lot is probably not advised anyway. Nevertheless, I would not recommend this place for dinner. Lunch, or a light snack in the evening over a glass of wine is recommended however.


Being a lounge, the wine list is extensive. There are some special drinks which one should definitely try. And there are some fresh non-alcoholic choices for those who don’t want to (or can’t – we appreciate you designated drivers) drink. I would recommend the non-alcoholic mint and strawberry cocktail. It’s almost addictive.


Staff: The staff are very friendly and impeccably dressed. I’m talking waistcoats here. So even though the food is pricey and the place itself looks high-end, at least so do the staff.


Other comments: this venue is completely open that it’s targeting people who appreciate the finer things in life, and with the rainbow flag right outside it’s a clear indication that anyone on the spectrum is welcome. I would definitely recommend for you to go at some point, either as a romantic date, or a ‘treat yo self’ splurge. You won’t regret it.