Women in History #1 – Susan B. Anthony

Women in History #1  – Susan B. Anthony

So it’s only fair that we start to celebrate the achievements of various women throughout history (and modern times). Unfortunately these women tend to be forgotten, or ignored, in history books. So let’s change that…



Born in 1820, as a young child Anthony and her family moved to New York. She was known already be a strong girl with acute leadership skills.


Between the ages of 15 and 30, Anthony attended boarding school and was teaching the other students. 

In 1849, she became the president of the Rochester Branch of the Daughters of Temperance, a group dedicated to the prohibition of alcohol. This was the first of many societies and associations that she was part of in her lifetime, including:

  1. Women’s State Temperance Society (formed herself)
  2. American Anti-Slavery Society from 1856 until 1861,
  3. Women’s Loyal League in 1863 for slave emancipation (which she formed herself)
  4. National Woman’s Suffrage Association with her colleage, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, in 1869 (which she founded herself).
  5. Anthony and Stanton then published a newspaper called “The Revolution,” sending out the word for women’s rights.
  6. In 1870, she founded and became president of the Workingwomen’s Central Association.
  7. She also founded the International Council of Women, made up of 48 countries, in 1888,
  8. the National Woman’s Suffrage Association in 1890 (of which she was president until 1900),
  9. International Woman Suffrage Council in 1904.


In 1878, she wrote the Susan B. Anthony amendment, which declared that women should have the right to vote. After her death, specifically, on August 18th 1920, this amendment became the 19th Amendment in the Constitution.


Also notably, Susan B. Anthony made the Rochester University begin to accept female students.

She died on March 13th 1906, and it is said that her final words were “failure is impossible” – which was adopted as a feminist chant.

She is remembered as leading the only non-violent protest in the USA.





Jump With Your Eyes Closed

Jump With Your Eyes Closed

It doesn’t come to much of a surprise for those who know me that I can get quite anxious about finances. I like to have a safety net of money, which I like to call “just in case”. I feel like if I have the safety net money around me, then I can do whatever I need to do.


However, I also need money to spend: on travel, on eventually renting my own place, on a wedding, on moving abroad, on studying and doing a masters abroad, on food and electricity… the list is never ending.

It’s basically impossible for me to scrounge up all that money alone. And today I was speaking with a friend of mine, who made me realise something – that I can lean on my partner. My partner is definitely going to earn more money than I could ever hope for (at least until I do my masters), and they have offered time and again to help pay for my expenses. Which is something  always vehemently opposed. Getting money was my responsibility, they should just focus on their own expenses.

So my friend made me aware of something – that I need to trust my partner to provide for me as well. I am dependent enough of them to rely on them for comfort, for love and support, and I’m taking a big risk to move abroad with them.


“So if you’re taking the risk and jumping into the ocean for them, why not let yourself be blindfolded?” 


To be blindfolded means that I would really and truly be trusting my partner, that they would provide for me no matter what, that they wouldn’t use me and kick me to the curb. These are all things I know to be true, but I never had the strength to show it in practical terms.

Cliff Jumping

So this is going to be what I shall work on – I am going to let myself be semi-financially dependent on my partner.


I am going to be let myself be blindfolded.


We had the pleasure of visiting this restaurant for Valentine’s of 2015. We had been searching extensively for a place which looked romantic, with good food, which would hopefully be accepting of a same-sex couple. It was Valentine’s after all, so it would be quite evident that we were a couple, and we did not wanting anything to ruin this special day.


Accessibility: The restaurant is located in Valletta, so parking is ample just outside the city.


Decor: A quaint little place, with just a handful of tables. Which is all the better because the staff could focus on the clientele without getting burnt out. The place is advertised as a wine bar as well, and so as expected the venue is decorated with a lot of wood and wine bottles. The wood and the soft lighting really added a romantic touch to the venue.




Food and Drink: The food was chosen from the menu. I’m really not a fan of set menus, so one of the criteria for this date was that the place would not have an obligatory set menu. So kudos for giving me the freedom to choose my own food!

And the food was…delicious. Superb. Incredible. Admittedly, there was not much on the plate, but definitely worth the price we paid. Each bite was an experience. I literally cannot describe it in any other way. So many months later, and I can still remember how amazing it was.

As a wine bar, the wine list was extensive, detailed and informative. And delicious as well. It perfectly complimented the meal. I have yet to taste a wine like it.


Staff: The waiter on the night was incredibly polite and friendly. He did not treat as any differently for being a same-sex couple. And he obviously won brownie points for complimenting me on my tie and general attire. He made us feel very comfortable, which I am grateful for. We enjoyed our time there so much we ended up losing track of time and missing the party we were supposed to go to after dinner.


In conclusion – the venue is incredibly romantic, the food is delicious and the wine is to die for. It’s on the pricey side, so I would keep this place for special occasions, or for a romantic splurge. The staff is friendly and educated.



This is definitely the go-to place for anyone LGBT. So here goes the review!


Accessibility: Not wheelchair friendly, but it’s in Valletta so a central location. Parking can be easily found close to the venue. Plus with a great view of the sea it’s quite amazing.


Decor: The decor can only be described as chique and sexy. It feels very high-class…and in fact, high-class is what you get. Outside there are some sofas which really give the client a relaxed environment to just chill, either on a date or with friends.




Food and Drink: Food is delicious. However, you get very little and it’s on the pricey side. At the same time, this place is a lounge, so whilst wearing those tight pants and dresses eating a lot is probably not advised anyway. Nevertheless, I would not recommend this place for dinner. Lunch, or a light snack in the evening over a glass of wine is recommended however.


Being a lounge, the wine list is extensive. There are some special drinks which one should definitely try. And there are some fresh non-alcoholic choices for those who don’t want to (or can’t – we appreciate you designated drivers) drink. I would recommend the non-alcoholic mint and strawberry cocktail. It’s almost addictive.


Staff: The staff are very friendly and impeccably dressed. I’m talking waistcoats here. So even though the food is pricey and the place itself looks high-end, at least so do the staff.


Other comments: this venue is completely open that it’s targeting people who appreciate the finer things in life, and with the rainbow flag right outside it’s a clear indication that anyone on the spectrum is welcome. I would definitely recommend for you to go at some point, either as a romantic date, or a ‘treat yo self’ splurge. You won’t regret it.



Definitely one of my favourite places to visit in St. Julians. The interior decor is so romantic – there’s soft lighting, candles, and small tables for added coziness. Of course, the place itself is quite tiny, so the small tables are there due to necessity not romanticism, but hey, we take what we get.

shakinah interior

The food is a blend of Indian and Arabian and the service from the waiters/waitresses is impeccable each time. I’ve probably gone there with my girlfriend a million and one times, and each visit the staff are kind and welcoming.


The food is delicious and considering the type of food it is very affordable. You can easily pay less than twenty euros each – and that’s including side dishes, a starter and wine.


Definitely a place to go if you’re looking for somewhere romantic which is also LGB friendly. Booking beforehand is recommended.